Day 5,789 in April!

Posted by Zoe Barnette on

April has been the longest month EVER! We are still living in the "unknown." Some US states are starting to reopen against the advice of the federal government. I think a lot of us are watching and waiting to see what the fallout could be. During the month I have worked LONG hours at my full time job -  my etsy shop and here; trying to launch my stand alone shop, create new designs along with helping my daughter "homeschool" and be a wife. Probably sounds just like you too, huh? I am thankful and grateful for this time - it has grown and stretched me - somedays thin! LOL I figured that I'd record some of my feelings here - even though this pandemic could be over by the time this post is published. Some additional things that have been bright spots - #tigerking on Netflix can I just say what a trainwreck! ALL of the ridiculous memes on facebook and the internet regarding it all! Some days if you don't laugh you'd cry living here in what feels like the twilight zone!


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