NOVEMBER 2021 Drive

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This November 2021 drive will be available for purchase from Saturday, October 30 and will close Tuesday, November 2.  ALL the designs that I create from Monday, November 1 thru Tuesday, November 30 will be placed there.

You will get a MINIMUM of 20 designs during the month. Realistically, I design WAY more than that! I have already designed 2 items just this morning! The designs will be a mix of shapes and styles. There will probably be a lot of seasonal items included. I am not going to promise specific shapes and etc. I reserve the right to choose. If you are in this group - you already know the quality of my work and the designs included in this offer will be no different.

If this goes well- I might over future drives. It will depend on how many people participate and the ease of it all.

Please note this is VERY important- it will be YOUR responsibility to download the files from the drive onto your own computer or place them in your own drive. Access to the drive will expire on Monday, December 6.

One other thing, Sharing access to this drive and sharing of my designs is strictly prohibited - as it is stated in my existing policies.